Sellers Check List

Sellers Check List for House Ready

Selling your home? There are things to take care of that will make it easier and quicker to sell. Each house is going to have different conditions but below is a list of major concerns and tips on getting your home ready for the market. Remember, your home will be competing with others in your price range.

1. Clean and paint – Smelling good and looking sharp will leave an inviting feeling with potential buyers.

2. Landscaping – Take care of lawn and landscaping. Trim hedges and trees. Clean sidewalk and driveway of debris or dirty appearance – pressure wash it if necessary. These items are paramount to a first impression.

3. Heat and Air – Repair defective equipment or broken items. Are your heat and air systems functioning properly? Fix it.

4. Roof and Ceilings – Does your roof have a leak? Fix it! It’s probably spoiling the ceiling in the home and creating more damage. If the leak is no longer active, fix and paint the ceiling if needed.

5. Crawl space – Does your crawl space have a damp odor or even standing water and heaven forbid mold! Better to remediate the condition before hand.

6. Windows – Cracked or broken windows. Be sure that windows are functional and do not have any broken glass.

7. Floors – Are yours floors in bad shape? This goes back to the cleaning part above. Freshen up your hardwood floors or carpet. If your carpet is beyond cleaning up, replace it with a neutral color.

8. Clutter – Reduce clutter in the home. Too many nick-knacks? Remove family photos – visitors will look at your photos more so than the house. Remember it’s all about the house!!

9. Listing Photos – Be sure your Realtor takes a sufficient number of clean and bright pictures. Dark or blurry photos will kill a potential showing in a heart-beat.

10. Listing Period – Keep your home in a clean condition during listing period. Have the home in showing condition; it is a part of the first impression.

11. Locate any warranties, guarantees, instructions, and user manuals for your HVAC system, furnace, washer and dryer if staying, dishwasher, range, and any other items. Place them in a kitchen draw for access.

Taking care of these concerns will help you sell your home in the shortest possible time and reduce the buyers negotiating power for a price reduction for condition. The time, money, and effort may increase your selling price more so than the cost and save time during the listing period.